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wholesale vibrators I think it makes intuitive sense that the quality of the language is critical to language learning. If I randomly saying the word to my infant, with no point of reference such as showing her a banana, or while we are eating a banana, or even showing her a picture of a banana then that would seem to miss the point. During the early days, the connection to speech and word are critical and must be made blatantly obvious to the child.. wholesale vibrators

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The team’s 78 0 romp over University of Faith was an

If you want hyper converged, it strongly depends upon the type of your workload. If your environment is mixed general purpose Nails & Tools, with relatively light database utilization, then deploying Vmware vSAN Ready Nodes is the right way to go in my opinon. You can get ready nodes from half a dozen vendors too..

As Americans, we are fortunate to be able to speak openly and freely. Weekend games were sure to bring more protests, with Tampa Bay receiver DeSean Jackson promising to make statement. Know our players who kneeled for the anthem, and these are smart young men of character who want to make our world a better place for everyone, Ross said..

In what has been shaping up as a tough election year, Governor Corzine needs all of the energy generated at the signing last Friday to rally Democratic voters this fall. What remains to be seen is whether the governor’s campaign can translate his governing initiatives into political capitol he can use come November. Recent polls suggests that he has some work to do in securing minority voters but he has sufficient time to do so, and an arsenal of Black and Hispanic lawmakers that can fan out throughout the state as his surrogates.

You may have seen both records affixed to SFU’s 2015. The team’s 78 0 romp over University of Faith was an exhibition game in the eyes of the NCAA. The association ruled that Faith, a primarily online institution, was not accredited to the NCAA’s standards just before the season.

I actually fell in love with the product Shaving & Hair Removal, and I decided I didn’t want to pay for it so I decided I’d try to sell it Skin Care, and I was going to do it until I got my product and that was going to be a year or so, and here I am nine years later, said Medford. I’d been selling Scentsy for three years now and then they decided to add on the Grace Adele brand and it’s something new and different and I thought I would try it, and this is the first time Grace Adel has been in a tradeshow, explained Bordeleau. Then, I got into things for kids and I’m enjoying it! I must have been selling books for 15 20 years Styling Tools, and then I got into the toys.

Even if New England goes 19 0 and wins its fourth Super Bowl, being busted for cheating in Week 1 will always be a part of the conversation. Always. Right about now, the National Hockey League has to feel pretty good about itself for NOT being in the news.

The uniforms will be worn in a game against Detroit later this month. The team will sport the uniforms during their NHL hockey game against the Detroit Red Wings on March 16. The team will sport the uniforms during their NHL hockey game against the Detroit Red Wings on March 16.

«He manages the largest city owned golf course, so if grass square footage is the measure, he’s right up there,» said Barrett. «But the Times established he’s not among the city’s top 10 real estate power players, which he readily conceded when pressed, hyping instead the international projects of others who paid to use his name. Trump Tower is the face of his empire and all he owns there is his own apartment and the tax subsidized commercial space.

Newly crowned New Jersey Housewife villainess Make Up, Teresa Giudice, wore her title well at the reunion. Her behavior, however, should not have been a surprise to anyone. She is, after all, the same hot tempered housewife that flipped a table in a moment of rage in season one and then in another heated moment in season 2, she pushed reunion show host Andy Cohen causing him to fall back into his seat like a rag doll..

Class did not sort themselves out for the scouts, Marr declared. Think a lot of teams will be quite pleased, because there are 31 different philosophies going in and I wouldn be surprised to hear a lot of (those drafting later) say got a guy who was ranked in our top 10 don get into predicting where the players will be drafted. That up to the teams.

Let’s just call this the accelerated beginner’s guide to bodybuilding. In this plan, your first month of training will be demanding, but not so demanding as to cause injury (or worse yet, burnout), and progressive in the sense that each week you’ll graduate to different exercises, higher volume, more intensity or all of the above. After four weeks you’ll not only be ready for the next challenge but you’ll have built a significant amount of quality muscle.

552 points submitted 5 hours agoI think everyone can agree that the refs in this game were awful. Raptors drew tons of obvious contact that went uncalled. That last foul on Beal in particular was such bullshit, especially since he had his arms straight in the air.

My dad, his brother, just abandoned him

Jesus, I didn’t even know. My dad, his brother, just abandoned him. My grandfather and grandmother, all just left him to die.. This Exotic Love Oil is thin, as most oils are. Lightly tipping its bottle will allow it to drizzle in a thin stream into your hand, or onto your body but tilting the bottle too far will have it glugging out quite rapidly. As only a small amount is needed to cover quite a bit of the body, I suggest using care and pouring slowly..

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dildos Dorfman wasn’t eager to look for a spouse on television, according to her 2016 tell all, «It’s Not Okay.» But her girlfriends pushed her to go to a casting call, she writes, and suddenly the assistant district attorney was swapping court dates for televised rose ceremonies. Dorfman made it to the final rounds of the 2014 season of «The Bachelor,» eventually dumping former professional soccer player Juan Pablo Galavis for being a self centered idiot. A few months later, Dorfman was back on the franchise, calling the shots as the lead on «The Bachelorette,» where she got engaged to former baseball player Josh Murray. dildos

butt plugs Hatteker Men’s Electric Shaver 4 in 1 Cordless Rechargeable Wet Dry Washable Travel electric shaver. Our 3D Rotary Shaver can perfectly fit the curve of face and neck, very comfortable and convenient,perfect size for travel. 1 x Electric Shaver. A better study would have asked drivers to report the number of times they were tailgated, cut off, given the finger or whatever, bumped by another car, and so on. As a measure of establishing courtesy, that is crap. It might be a measure of whether DC drivers are distracted or attentive, but it is no indication of courtesy.. butt plugs

cock rings A lot of midi file sites closed when phones went through a brief phase of using them. Since then, its trickier but still possible. I been using this site to search for midi files for over twenty years (Jeez!).The problem is, and always was, that up to date midi files are very hard to find. cock rings

vibrators The off kilter camera angles, echoing sound effects and lurid cinematography (by Radek Ladczuk) certainly help, and so do the two lead actors. Noah Wiseman has a demonic sweetness that recalls some of the evil children of ’70s scare cinema. And Ms. I’m not passive agressive, and I do this for a living. In St. But now and then, one needs that friend bunch punch.. vibrators

cock rings New immigrants tell me they expect Canadians to follow their centuries old traditions, just as they would expect a Canadian who chose to move to a country that was predominantly Buddhist, Muslim, Jewish, Hindu, Shinto or officially atheist to basically go along with, or at least tolerate, the customs of those nations. Despite all the shots at Christmas, it more than interesting to note polls show 90 per cent of Canadians still prefer people to say Christmas instead of Holidays. Let not get distracted yet again by the war on Christmas, even if it contains some valid points to figure out about how to live in a pluralistic world in which the state does not treat someone as lesser because they don follow a particular faith.. cock rings

cheap vibrators «If these findings are reflected nationally, a quarter of young people on school trips having unprotected sex is a real cause for concern.» Marie Stopes International has produced a schools edition of a booklet called «Your Passport to Sexual Health». It gives pupils advice on how to resist peer pressure to have sex and information about contraception and the dangers of sexually transmitted infections. Dr Parry said young people should think «long and hard» before they embarked on sexual activity while away from home. cheap vibrators

cheap sex toys »Cruel Intentions,» written and directed by Roger Kumble, is the fourth and by far the weakest film adaptation of Laclos’s epistolary novel. It is the second, following Roger Vadim’s European jet set version (with Jeanne Moreau and Gerard Philipe as a promiscuous married couple) to update it. Although the Vadim adaptation (in 1960) had its ridiculous moments, it at least had a couple of world class sex symbols pulling the strings.. cheap sex toys

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Attorney Shawn Crowley said in opening statements

The way Alabama kicking has been that day wholesale nfl jerseys, I didn feel good at all about going to overtime. Like you said, Auburn had all the momentum. In both those scenarios Georgia and Michigan had like a 99% chance of winning. Sometimes we do not focus on ourselves because we have become so preoccupied focusing on everyone else that we forget number one. This step helps recognize all the good things about you. You will begin to have a more positive outlook on life.

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wholesale nfl jerseys The speech comes at a time when his public support at home is at an all time low, and as he gains ground in New Hampshire. He won key endorsements in the state that holds the nation’s first primary on Feb. 9 and is rising in the polls. There’s a staggering amount of choice on the market right now, which is great news for finding something that matches your exact needs and budget. Image quality from all of these cameras is fantastic cheap nfl jerseys, so choosing between them will likely come down to handling, and the specifications to help you get the shot you want. The Sony A9 is without doubt one of the best cameras on the market right now (CSC or otherwise), but there’s no getting away from the fact that it commands a very high asking price which is beyond the realmsof most hobbyist photographers. wholesale nfl jerseys

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Cheap Jerseys from china The Triggers could be moved to Salina, Kan. If so, it would continue an eastward migration of a league that will expand from eight to 10 teams in 2016. In addition to Topeka, other Kansas teams include Great Bend and Garden City. Not only does Philadelphia Green train people in tree care, it trains them to train their neighbors, and children have been among the best pupils. The most successful educational tool so far has been a game called Environmental Jeopardy, which teaches children how to care about trees. The tree education program goes to about 40 area schools, many of which have their own gardens and tree farms as a result of Philadelphia Green. Cheap Jerseys from china

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It is not meant to and cannot substitute for advice or care

Skintags, not so much. It is not meant to and cannot substitute for advice or care provided by an in person medical professional. The information contained herein is not meant to be used to diagnose or treat a health problem or disease, or for prescribing any medication.

I partially tore my PCL in a cycling accident, but was not in a place financially to have it treated at the time. I went to a sports medicine specialist 3 years later for a separate issue and he identified the tear after doing a full body exam and noticing instability in my knee. He said that it was already partially healed, and that it wasn worth doing surgery at this point and to just let it heal naturally.

The experience with the unit itself is not only not up to task, it’s not even close. The bunny enhancer is a bit like that kid back in high school who would always bring the class average down in Trig. He’d show up for the first couple weeks, act completely normal, and then just bomb the first test , completely giving up after wards..

sex toys Ultimately when it comes down to it though, veganism only works in 1st world situations with people who aren impoverished. And while I object to how some factory farming situations are run, I don think anyone will ever convince me that killing an animal for food is immoral in and of itself. And they definitely won convince me that animal products like eggs can be obtained ethically (again, outside of factory farming situations).. sex toys

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vibrators Names, phone numbers, email addresses and other personal information amount to critical starter kits for identity theft and other malicious online activity, experts on Internet crime say. The Facebook hack allowed bad actors to tie raw data to people’s real identities and build fuller profiles of them. Privacy experts had issued warnings that the phone number and email address lookip tool left Facebook users’ data exposed.. vibrators

cheap sex toys The guy must have had colon cancer or something. I really just don understand how there was that much blood. Anyway, my dad bass guitar was also missing and my dad beat the living shit out of me with a set of jumper cables for letting the guy in. In many ways, Hasta La Raiz is a precise embodiment of Lafourcade’s ability to thread together old and new, and show the possibilities that open by indulging retrospection. What drives the album’s tracks is evocative writing that feels distinctly personal while channeling the imagery and tenderness of balladeers from bygone eras. «I keep crossing rivers, walking through forests, loving the sun / Every day I continue to draw thorns out from the depths of my heart / In the night I set fire to my dreams / To cleanse every memory with sacred smoke,» are the opening lines of album’s title song, which nods to the pictorial lyricism of nueva cancion. cheap sex toys

cock rings What do you like? What do you hate? What are your favorite stores? Make and ask for recommendations. Create and read reviews for your favorite fragrances.All fragrance recommendation requests should go in the Weekly «Recommend me a fragrance» thread stickied at the top of the subreddit. Requests for fragrance recommendations outside of that thread will be removed. cock rings

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butt plugs Japan could have just left like they are doing now. However, they cooperated with the IWC and continued to submit research suggesting that whaling was sustainable for decades before saying fucking it and leaving. The IWC is voluntary, and Japan isn even the first country to leave over the IWC ignoring its original mission of sustainable whaling (Canada left in the 90 The difference here is Japan signed an international agreement to stop whaling, yet still keeps doing it butt plugs.

Sounds like your getting worked over everywhere

There’s nothing as iconic as the turkey on American holiday tables. Yet few things can be as confusing. Maybe it’s the build up, the anticipation. El DOUBLE TECNO 3 PUSH SYSTEM se incluye en una sola base, esto acelera la operaci de encajada. El mecanismo central crea un equilibrio perfecto de tensi entre la parte interior y exterior de la zapatilla. El cierre sim asegura una excelente adaptaci a cada tipo de pie.

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Cheap Jerseys china For those who want to do more than just skate around the rink, there are skating classes. Make sure to dress warmly since the facility is at 56 degrees. There also AZ Ice in Arcadia, Gilbert and Peoria.[MOBILE USERS: Click/tap here to see a photo the Heard Museum]. Cheap Jerseys china

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And if the Blues were set up the way Umaga would like

I know the folks on either side of us. One of our next door neighbors is a sweet lady whom we can count on for mail related favors; our son had a deal to mow her lawn this past summer. Still, I not sure I could pick any of my other neighbors out of a lineup.

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Cheap Jerseys from china The team has won two Northwest league championships.Operation Comfort helps wounded military and their families. Janis Roznowski founded the nonprofit after meeting soldiers while working as an American Airlines flight attendant on flights to and from the Middle East. Sled hockey is one of the nonprofit several programs that includes automotivation cheap jerseys, cycling and financial assistance.She said she proud of the team that grown to accomplish many milestones.The idea for the team came to Roznowski in 2005 cheap jerseys cheap jerseys, when she took a group of 10 wounded Marines and soldiers on a trip to Sun Valley cheap jerseys, Idaho, to learn downhill skiing and sled hockey. Cheap Jerseys from china

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wholesale jerseys The last six teams that have re located in the NHL have improved by an average of 11 points the next season. The Jets will need to do better than that. If they had 11 more points last season, they still would have missed the playoffs True story: When I worked at Grapes Kenaston during college, there was a hostess there named Chantal. wholesale jerseys

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Coach Mike Yeo expected a low scoring cheap jerseys, tight checking game, something he joked he was wrong about after. But he knew it would be a tough game. The Hurricanes entered 9 4 3 in their past 16 and have had a no quit attitude and that certainly showed tonight as it turned 3 0 and 4 1 leads into a 4 3 deficit to tighten the Wild collar going into the third..

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«Which one of Phil Murphy’s Houses Are You?» it asked

I really like him, he tough really professional but how do we squeeze him in?I curious about Jones though. He got more efficient every season (FG% went up from 36 to 41 to 46, 3PT% 31> 35 >36, FT% 72 > 81> 88). Per 36 TO TO rate better every year). DAYTON WAS UPFRONT about the fact that he was largely self financing his Senate bid. The department store heir and former state auditor ended up giving or loaning his campaign $11.7 million in the eight months he was in the race. Dayton’s campaign manager, Jim Gelbmann, says Dayton didn’t expect to spend that much..

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Good luck to all of the sufferers of this very anoying malady

When it’s all said and done, 12 men (plus captain and assistants) will be the happiest people on the planet, celebrating in a way usually restricted for Super Bowls and lotteries. The other 12 will barely force a smile, knowing that for the next two years they are responsible for not owning the Cup. Is once again favored to win the Ryder Cup.

hydro flask colors Kentucky leads the series 16 15, although Louisville leads the modern series 15 to 10. From 1994 to 2006, the game was played on the opening weekend of the college football season. In 2007, the game was moved to the third game of the season when played in Lexington but remained the first game when played in Louisville. hydro flask colors

hydro flask bottle The squad boasts arguably the best offense of the four teams remaining: Dorlan Pabon was the league’s top passer, while Rogelio Funes Mori is catching fire at the right time. In the quarterfinals against Santos, the Argentine scored twice, including a bicycle kick that should contend for FIFA’s Goal of the Year. As stated before hydro flask stickers, they’ll pose an interesting challenge for Cruz Azul.. hydro flask bottle

hydro flask sale Packman comes from an award winning motorsports background, most recently serving as President of Lancaster (NY) National Speedway Dragway. During his tenure, the IHRA sanctioned eighth mile dragstrip and half mile oval had increased attendance, car counts, added successful events and made multiple improvements to the facility. His last position in the sport was director, corporate communications at Richard Childress Racing.. hydro flask sale

Cut off the two ends of the oranges, stand them on end and carefully slice off the skin (once you have removed one piece of skin you can see where the flesh meets the skin). Slice the oranges into five or six rounds each. Remove the tougher outside ribs of the celery until you reach the white, dense bulb and slice across thinly..

hydro flask lids In ex USSR Unix community, Caps Lock key is traditionally used as input language switcher hydro flask stickers hydro flask stickers, convenient for usage with touch typing. Support for this is present in KDE, GNOME and other desktop environments. Default Russian, Ukrainian layouts for FreeBSD specifies Caps Lock as input language switcher. hydro flask lids

hydro flask sale Anyone wanting to learn more or get phone help and additional knowledge may call me at 408 888 9290. Good luck to all of the sufferers of this very anoying malady. Thanks for reading my post. 23 April, Manchester United travelled to Wembley to play Everton in the semi finals. Martial assisted Fellaini to open the scoring against his former team, giving a half time lead. After the break, a penalty was given when Tim Fosu Mensah fouled Ross Barkley, but De Gea saved the spot kick after Romelu Lukaku took it. hydro flask sale

hydro flask stickers Ford will try to secure more young drivers: The head of Ford Performance says that the manufacturer will be more active in seeking and securing young drivers. «We need to have more involvement going forward,» Dave Pericak, director Ford Performance, told SiriusXM NASCAR Radio on Tuesday. «We have to make sure that we constantly have a good lineup of drivers across the board that are ready to fill the seats when it’s time.» The need to find young talent is because manufacturers have gotten more aggressive about keeping such drivers under contract in recent years. hydro flask stickers

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August 5, 2018, Leavine Family Racing announced that its technical alliance with Richard Childress Racing will end after the 2018 season. August 23, 2018, Front Row Motorsports purchased majority of the assets of the bankrupt BK Racing for $2.08 million, outbidding GMS Racing offer of $1.8 million. In addition, the trustee of BK Racing sold some secondary assets to Obaika Racing for $265,000 and a tractor to Rick Ware Racing to $35,000.

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hydro flask Is it really that surprising that they don win if they constantly play with standins?Anyway, personally I think that Astralis will win the next major too and Navi, mibr and faze will all disappoint and therefore we will see some really big transfers after the major. FaZe is trying to move forward, experimenting with what the next steps are for the team, and the type of player they will need to pick up, playing another tournament with karrigan only delays the roster building process further.not that they have no plan, it that FaZe isn stupid and they know how complicated roster building is. They know it will take time to fully understand what type of player they need, and that they will need to play with different players to figure it out.loser is Navi though they needed a change and CIS region lacks T1 talent as is and they didnt go for either hobbit nor adren with navi firepower in question even with the likes of simple and electronic navi will need a roster change sooner rather than later and with hobbit in HR and adren in Faze getting either wont be nearly as easy as when hobbit was benched for months and adren being in free agency for more than a month hydro flask.

I’m running out of food, that replacement card never came the

Maverick Liberal MP Dan McTeague introduced the bill almost two years ago, hoping to bring the same tax breaks to RESPs as Registered Retirement Savings Plans the contribution is removed down the road, yes it is taxed, but at a level that a student pays, McTeague said Thursday. Don know of many students who are making $100,000 a year, so the tax would be negligible. The money be withdrawn for any reason other than education, or by the person who made the contribution in the first place, much higher tax penalties would apply..

kanken bags Dead means dead. For the family members of these victims of racial violence, the pain never stops. It would be nice if someone would do something to ease their pain. The vote was very close. Forest Industrial Relations which represents the workers at the Skeena Sawmill here in Terrace, as well as 30 other companies employing about 7000 workers, have settled with the Steelworkers by a vote of 50.77 percent. These numbers are not official however other media organizations are reporting this claiming that the Union has not been forthcoming.. kanken bags

kanken sale Lent is about confession of sin. Churches in the Washington area have caught on to the trend of merging environmental activism and Lent, said Joelle Novey, director of the Greater Washington Interfaith Power Light. She said she didn initially think of tying repentance and deprivation to ecological concerns, the idea of taking responsibility and some aspects of our unsustainable lifestyles seems to resonate deeply in many Christian communities. kanken sale

kanken bags I can’t afford to fix my bike and I live in an area where everything’s literally a mile away. I’m running out of food Furla Outlet, that replacement card never came the bank probably didn’t forward it to my current address and my mom’s solution for the last two of my problems is to suggest I write a check. Even though I told her a million times that most places won’t take them (and the ones that do are far, far away).My Hulu subscription, one of my last few pleasures in life Furla Outlet, I can’t afford to renew (I’d been topping it off with gift cards for a long time now). kanken bags

kanken bags Then we cooked dinner together. It was very good. We had spaghetti and venison. The exploding cars, chase scenes, people narrowly escaping from certain exposure Furla Outlet cheap kanken, only to find at the end they were part of a completely different plot line. In many movies nothing ties the sequence of events together. It is this training of illogical patterns that has allowed the masses to accept everyday events and news stories as totally acceptable.. kanken bags

cheap kanken Opportunity, if they were to present themselves, we would look at it, Masrani told reporters following TD annual meeting of shareholders. (it) depends on which market, what the positioning, what kind of partner do we have because our brand is also exposed there, and that important to us what kind of risks are acceptable. The target of Facebook payments plan may actually be more along the lines of Chinese financial technology giants such as Ant Financial Services Group and its Alipay platform, Sokolin said banks may be prompted to join in the crypto endeavour.. cheap kanken

Furla Outlet With oncoming HID lights on it is harder to see a critter in the middle of the road which I would prefer to see rather than in the ditch. Maybe the HID lights should be directed to the ditches instead of fanning out. Many people are driving with their high beams on longer to compensate for the added glare. Furla Outlet

Furla Outlet The following is a copy of the letter I sent them on May 26 2011, expressing my concerns. Please feel free to copy and paste it into your own email if you don’t have time to create one for yourself. After reading your description and the wording used on your website, it seems as though this is already a done deal and you are simply encouraging the public to add to it. Furla Outlet

kanken «I don’t know if I am a bad luck charm or not», he said when we spoke with him, «It happened once before a number of years ago when I met up with Bill Zobel here in Terrace just like I did with Rudy. Bill left for Prince Rupert and stopped at the North Route Caf just past where the tracks cross the highway. That settlement isn’t there anymore because a wall of rock came down and wiped it all out. kanken

I once had an experience of a battery going dead Furla Outlet, so purchased a new battery as the one in the vehicle was getting on in years. Was I stupid? Even more so. On doing some checking I found I had a loose fan belt and the alternater was not properly charging the battery.

Furla Outlet Like the time I saw a rainstorm in one of my visions about a place in Iran Furla Outlet, out on a back water road in the South of that country. After the actual event a couple of days, I realized that it had been a perfectly dry and warm sunny day when I been at the actual scene. I did a bit of research and sure as farts follow beans Furla Outlet, on the day that I had had the it had been raining and cold in that area Furla Outlet, which was unusual weather for that area I was told. Furla Outlet

kanken bags Media is the best way I found to get myself out in front of people Every day, I try to put my personality and my experience out there I want people to see me online for who I am and what I know including what I know about real estate. I just myself, and customers find me. Imran Poladi kanken bags.