Massachusetts Casino Repeal Matter Approved by Court

Massachusetts Casino Repeal Matter Approved by Court

Massachusetts State Attorney General Martha Coakley opposed the repeal question, but says she welcomes allowing the voters to really have a voice regarding the issue. (Image: Boston World)

In Massachusetts, casino companies have faced a number of battles to be able to build resorts in the state. There has been town-by-town campaigns to win over local communities, and in the scenario of the more Boston area, a fierce competition for just one license. Now, operators are going to have yet another challenge ahead of them before they can sleep effortless: a statewide repeal vote that could end casino gambling in Massachusetts before it starts.

The Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court ruled Tuesday that voters will be able to see the casino law repeal question on a November ballot, potentially rolling right back a 2011 law that legalized casinos in the state. That move leaves potential casino operators in an awkward position, whether they can actually do anything with them as they may receive licenses, but not know until later this year.

Unanimous Decision Sets Matter on Ballot

The court reached their decision unanimously, pointing out that supporters of the repeal had succeeded in collecting more than enough signatures to place the relevant question on the ballot. The work had been compared by Massachusetts Attorney General Martha Coakley, now a Democratic candidate for governor, who rejected issue last year because she feare Leer más

UK Bookmakers Threatened with Mandatory New Levy

UK Bookmakers Threatened with Mandatory New Levy

UK Shadow heritage Secretary Harriet Harman, who last week outlined her plans for an extra levy on all kinds of recreations betting, online and off. (Image:

The stock exchange had reacted badly to news that the united kingdom Labour Party is planning for a multimillion-pound levy on all sports betting, online and off, should it be elected in 2015. Ladbrokes plc dropped 3.16 percent, while William Hill plc fell 2.88 percent rigtht after the announcement by Labour’s Shadow community Secretary Harriet Harman week that is last. The levy shall be much like that currently applied to horseracing betting, the revenue from which, some £82 million ($139.314 million) in 2014, is ploughed back into the horseracing industry.

More Money, More Sports

The brand new scheme is element of Labour’s ‘More Sport for All’ incentive, that may understand extra income raised from sports gambling going primarily to the growth of grassroots sports, with some going to your remedy for problem gambling. Harman also said she is thinking about the introduction of a ‘proper levy’ on revenue derived by the Premier League through the purchase of soccer television liberties, which will be spent on developing grassroots football.

‘we were all proud to host the Olympics and Paralympic Games in London two years ago but instead of seeing increased participation, things have got worse especially amongst young people as a total result of the fed Leer más